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Hygienists are licensed dental professionals who specialize in preventative oral health and focusing on techniques in oral hygiene. Common procedure performed by hygienists include prophylaxes (polish), scaling and root planning (cleaning), taking radiographs, placing dental sealants, administration of fluoride and providing instructions for proper oral hygiene and care.

Our hygienists:

  • Sheryl VanAlstine
  • Evelyn Michener
  • Maxine Farion
  • Kate Troyan
  • Eileen McBarron
  • Danielle Ralphs
  • Stephanie Ditzel

Dental Assistants

Dental Assistants assist the dentist to provide more efficient treatment by preparing the patient for procedure, passing instruments during the treatment and taking radiographs and impressions for the doctor. The assistant also sterilizes the instruments.

Our assistants:

  • June Anhalt
  • Julie Eastland
  • Donna Traversy
  • Magda Legrand
  • Aracely Ciofani

Administrative Staff

Our professional and knowledgeable administrative team can answer your dental questions and electronically submit your insurance claims. Our office accepts a variety of payment options, including assignment payments from your insurance provider.

Our administrative staff:

  • Karen Grant
  • Kym Lusk
  • Crystal Toth
  • Lorraine Edwards
  • Sandi Herod
  • Donna Hubber
  • Natasha Breukleman

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